Nail polish

koneHELSINKI 2015 -nail polish

koneHELSINKI 2015 nail polish gives you the colors and quality you are looking for. Shiny and breathable coat comes in sixteen different shades. Not one koneHELSINKI nail polishes contains neither formaldehyde nor toluene. Find your favorite color and wear it with passion!

koneHELSINKI Jelly Look -nail polish

koneHELSINKI Jelly Look nail polish gives you a high gloss gel-effect finish without UV light. You'll get plump intense color with just one coat. Patented technology makes the dreamy result long-lasting and chip-resistant.

koneHELSINKI Quick Dry -nail polish

Get ready in 60 seconds with koneHELSINKI Quick Dry nail polish. Thanks to it's new technology this nail polish is unbelievably easy to apply and the ultra shining result lasts long.

koneHELSINKI Miracle Colors -nail polish

Make a statement with these metallic shiny shades! Miracle Colors nail polish works brilliantly alone or on a top of another color gives it an extra sparkle. Cames in many great colors.

koneHELSINKI Neon -nail polish

The hottest nails of the nightclub with koneHELSINKI nail polish. The koneHELSINKI nail polish also works brilliantly as a top coat, covering even the darkest of colors.

koneHELSINKI Black Dot -nail polish

With the playful koneHELSINKI Black Dot -nail polish you can make fabulous candy-like surfaces.